5 Reasons Why The Nas And DMX Movie, Belly, Is A Hidden Gem From The ‘90s


The Soundtrack Is Fantastic

The Belly soundtrack is straight up fire, and it better have been with all these rappers in the movie. What I remember most from it is D’Angelo’s “Devil’s Pie,” which debuted on this soundtrack but later reappeared on his own Voodoo album. But track after track after track are great on this soundtrack. I really don’t think there’s a bad song on it.

And the best part is, it actually makes you think of the movie. The gritty soundscapes fit perfectly for the tone of the film. “Grand Finale” which is performed by DMX, Nas, Method Man and Ja Rule (Remember him?) really feels like it belongs in this story. I can’t say the same for a lot of other soundtracks, especially of that era, that really felt more like a separate thing entirely rather than connecting to the film itself. Not all soundtracks could be like the one for Reservoir Dogs that connected seamlessly with the film. And the same could be said for Belly.


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