Holby City killer Cameron – what next for him?


Holby City, like many continuing dramas, is well-known for its gripping storylines.

Over the last year, viewers have seen Cameron Dunn’s killer behaviour get worse.

Holby City: The crimes of Cameron Dunn

After purposely killing Chloe’s rapist Evan Crowhurt, Cameron began doing all he could to cover his crime.

When Xavier Duvall got closer to the truth, he went to go to the police station with evidence. But when he stepped into the path of a cyclist, he fell down and hit his head on the curb.

At the scene, Cameron witnessed the accident but, instead of helping, ran off with Zav’s bag to dispose of the evidence he had against him.

Zav died trying to prove Cameron’s crimes (Credit: BBC)

A few weeks ago, Cameron was stunned when the cyclist who knocked Zav over, Bobby Edwards, recognised him from the scene.

In order to silence Bobby, Cameron killed him and his death left Chloe Godard baffled.

As well as taking the credit for saving patient’s lives that he didn’t save, he has had a hand in the deaths of other patients including Harvey Dean.

But tonight, Cameron finally got what was coming to him when he was arrested.

Is this the end for Cameron? (Credit: BBC)

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But is this the end of Cameron, what will happen with Nicky, who is pregnant with his child, and did the storyline drag on for too long?

Here is what Entertainment Daily soap and TV writer Charlotte Rodrigues thinks.

Cameron in Holby City

Since Cameron’s arrival, I had an eerie feeling about the character. And of course my intuition was right.

When he first arrived, he didn’t appear sinister. If anything he seemed like a harmless young man who maybe was a bit too spoilt and got things handed to him too often.

But then of course things changed and we began to see a darker side to the character.

This storyline is brilliant for so many reasons. Not only is it well written, it is something that happens in real life.

Viewers have seen Cameron take a sinister turn (Credit: BBC)

In many true crime cases, there are real stories of doctors/nurses who abuse their power and actually harm or even kill their patients.

Whilst this obviously doesn’t happen all the time, it’s good to see the story of a “killer” doctor.

Of course most people who go into the medical profession go into it because they want to help people. But in some cases, people go into it for the power they have over the vulnerable.

Cameron killed off Evan, which seemed like a move to protect Chloe, who Evan had raped.

Cameron killed rapist Evan (Credit: BBC)

Whilst Evan was a disgusting human being, Cameron shouldn’t of killed him.

Of course as Cameron tried to hide the fact he was behind Evan’s death, he kept having to hide and bury more secrets, creating a snowball effect.

This inadvertently led to Zav’s death (still not over that by the way).

And again, the snowball effect just continued.

Did the storyline go on for too long?

Some fans are saying this storyline has been going on for too long. However I have to disagree.

There is the saying “you can’t rush art” – and that’s what these shows are. In order to tell a story you need to do it over time.

What happened to Danna Jackson's boyfriend Zav?
Cameron is the father of Nicky’s child (Credit: BBC)

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If Cameron killed a new person every week and the story was over and done with in two months, it wouldn’t be anyway near as good. Suspense needed to be built.

The last few episodes where Cameron kidnapped Ange really made me feel like I was watching a creepy thriller, and I really loved that.

Cameron genuinely makes me feel nervous and a bit sick. But that just goes to show how much of an incredible actor Nic Jackman is!

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