International Women’s Day: These 11 actresses are heavy on many actors in earnings, know who has the highest earnings


Today is International Women’s Day. In the Bollywood world, ladies have played their sting and ladies on-screen characters are deserting numerous male entertainers with their ability. Prior there were conversations about the profit of female on-screen characters, yet now ladies entertainers are likewise acquiring more cash than numerous male on-screen characters. From the rundown of Top 100 celebs discharged by Forbes India, we know how far ladies entertainers are ahead in winning and which are the most noteworthy acquiring on-screen characters.

Bollywood Listed Actresses Earn More Then Actors

Alia Bhatt – Actress Alia Bhatt is the most noteworthy netting entertainer of 2019. Aaliya’s yearly normal acquiring is Rs 54.21 crore and Alia is the main entertainer as far as profit.

Deepika Padukone – Deepika Padukone, the entertainer of the film Chhapak, is second as far as acquiring. This rundown has indicated Rs 43 crore, which he has finished with the film and his numerous undertakings.

Anushka Sharma–Anushka Sharma is third regarding profit. Anushka has not been a piece of any film since the 2018 film Zero. In spite of his nonappearance on screen this year, his normal pay is Rs 28.67 crore.

Katrina Kaif–Suryavanshi on-screen character Katrina Kaif is in fourth spot. Katrina’s normal income in the year 2019 is 23.64 crores and Katrina likewise wins well from her image.

Priyanka Chopra – Having positively influenced Bollywood to Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra made her Bollywood rebound with the film The Sky Is Pink. Priyanka’s income have expanded fundamentally in 2019. Priyanka’s normal salary in 2019 was Rs 23.4 crore.

Kangana Ranaut–Kangana Ranaut as of late showed up in Panga. As indicated by Forbes, his year-end income are Rs 17.5 crore. In any case, his sister Rangoli had misquoted the profit figures.

Parineeti Chopra – Parineeti Chopra’s movies will most likely be unable to show anything stunning in the cinema world, yet Parineeti Chopra wins well from various undertakings. His yearly income are 12.5 crores.

Madhuri Dixit – Madhuri Dixit is eighth in the top on-screen character as far as income. He has earned 10.83 crores in 2019.

Jacqueline Fernandes–Jacqueline Fernandes is positioned ninth regarding income. His profit have been accounted for to be Rs 9.5 crore.

Sonam Kapoor–According to this rundown of Forbes, Sonam Kapoor is the ninth top entertainer as far as gaining. His income in the rundown is expressed to be Rs 8.5 crore.

Shraddha Kapoor – Shraddha Kapoor is named in the tenth position, whose profit have been accounted for to be 8.33 crores.


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