Is Michael Keaton’s Batman a part of The Flash movie? Here’s what the actor has to say


Michael Keaton finally addresses speculations about his return as Batman to the DC universe and answers if he’s a part of the Flash movie.

Is Michael Keaton’s Batman a part of The Flash movie? Here’s what the actor has to say

It has been reported for a while that Michael Keaton is to put on his bat-suit again for DC”s The Flash movie. Keaton is known for essaying Bruce Wayne aka Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman, as well as the 1992 follow-up Batman Returns. While speculations have been rife about him and Ben Affleck’s Batman both featuring in the Flash movie, linking two universes, the actor hasn’t yet confirmed the same and seemed to remain undecided about the project in his recent interaction with Deadline. Keaton remains unsure if he’s taking on the Batman role again. 

While speaking to Deadline in an interview, he said, “If I talk about [Batman], I’ll just be bulls***ting you. I don’t really know, I’ll have to look at the last draft.” The actor also mentioned that COVID-19 conditions have been one of the major deciding factors for him in taking on projects. Elaborating on how the pandemic has changed his decision to take on films, he said, “So, that’s my first thing about all projects. I look at it and go, is this thing going to kill me, literally? And you know, if it doesn’t, then we talk”, via Deadline. The Flash movie has had its own set of delays but in 2019, Andy Muschietti signed on to direct the film. The director has also mentioned that the film would include parts of the comic book storyline which has certainly piqued fan interest in the film. 

For many DC Comics fans, Keaton has been one of the best Batman portrayals in films and the thought of him making a return had everyone excited. If Keaton does decide to come on board for the film, The Flash movie is certain to gain a bigger fan following with several Keaton fans signing up to watch it. 

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