Kill Cliff’s “Laser Kitty” Music Video Crushes the Internet While Celebrating Anniversary of the Tiger King


LOS ANGELES, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kill Cliff, the best-selling and best tasting clean energy drink on the planet, has partnered with Damien James’ latest puppet masterpiece, Flaming Joe Erotic, to release the music video for the hit song “Laser Kitty,” written and performed by Nathan Michael Bergman (@natebergmansings). The video has quickly gathered attention online with over a million views and several celebrity posts including on Israel Adesanya’s Instagram over the weekend.

Last month, the launch of “Flaming Joe” shattered all previous CBD beverage benchmarks, and now Kill Cliff’s video for “Laser Kitty” is positioned to do the same in the world of music and viral videos. 

“We’ve never seen anything like “Laser Kitty” light up the internet for us,” said John Timar, CEO of Kill Cliff. “We believe this is one of the best songs ever, and the positive impact for us goes far beyond selling a boat load of clean energy drinks.”

It’s no secret that cat videos are the most searched clips on YouTube. Now, “Laser Kitty” is poised to become king of the digital jungle.

Founded by a Navy Seal, Kill Cliff is the world’s first and best Clean Energy Drink.  Nothing Fake. Nothing Artificial. No Sugar. Kill Cliff has disrupted the energy drink space with the best-selling CBD drinks in the world, including Joe Rogan’s Flaming Joe. Make your drink hole happy! Go to

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