President Trump Blame China as for of U.S Presidental Elections


Washington, D.C: Trump alligates Chinese consequences will be the reason behind his failure in the 2020 elections. In the context of next presidential elections, says Donald Trump.

Countering back he said, U.S is exploring countless charges against china being the reason for the C0VID-19 pandemic and economical crisis. Trump Specifies China makes billions of profits in dollars and never returned anything back.

Blaming China Has Became Part Of 2020 US Elections?

Blaming China Has Became Part Of 2020 US Elections?
Image Source: wikimedia

Nominees Baiden and Trump bot are on a spike blaming china to convince the public about the current situations. Trump said yesterday he had shreds of evidence to prove WUHAN Virology lab was the birthplace of the coronavirus.

Reports from Chinese press states trump has no proof of the origin. His statements against china are just an intention to make the voters grab a strong reason for choosing him again in the next election.

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