Public’s Perception About TikTok Prior To The Release Of Carryminati YouTube Video


Youtube vs Tiktok has been a massive debate during the lockdown. Plethora creators from both the platform shared their views. With youtube grabbing, more attention from the public had won the debate. Tough bullying was considered but the public support was not given prior to TikTok.

YouTube vs TikTok Who Is The Winner?

Legal cases were filed against TikTok and its negative attention towards content review. TikTok has officially spread a notice stating the Do’s and Dont’s on the platform after the issue. Where on the other youtube consistently makes changes to content guidelines.

Cyber cases were filed against the creators of both platforms in the reason for bullying. A plethora of videos was removed from the platforms which were reported against policies of both the platforms.

YouTube vs TikTok Who Is The Winner?

After massive attacks made to the ratings of the TikTok app on the Google Play Store. The reviews get reversed to 1.6 again. It was predicted that the ratings of TikTok will be taken down below one. But the fans or audience of youtube creators failed to do so.

On The other side legal cases are made by the public to ban TikTok from India. JIn the past Snapchat, Ms Excel vs Surf excel, Snapdeal, Amazon, etc incidents were taken place which was rated down.

With YouTube getting massive and quality support from the public becomes the winner. As the other platform has more creators with no restrictions which most aren’t aware of the debate.


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